During the performance

Refrain from talking. This is the first and greatest rule. It also includes whispering to or disciplining children.

Refrain from unwrapping noisy candy or cough drop wrappers during the performance.  If dealing with a cold, it may be helpful to unwrap cough drops prior to the concert and keep them in a zip lock bag.

Do not wave to your family member who is performing during the concert.  After all, they do know who you are already, and they know you are there; you most likely brought them to the concert.

Do not take flash photography.  Our concerts are being professionally recorded both visually and audibly.  Flash photography interferes with our high definition cameras and distracts the performers.  Photos with your family members before and after the performance in the lobby are encouraged and perfectly acceptable.

Do not walk down the center aisle with your video camera.  For your own safety and the safety of others, the aisles must be kept clear.

Do not leave the auditorium during the music.  Wait for a break in the concert to visit the restroom, unless you are carrying a screaming child, in which case you should leave quietly and as quickly as possible.

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